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Plugged Tower Chain off all tower access points Assemble crew Control room activates kiln discharge end warning lights Assign task Raise elevator and lock-out All workers donn "hot suits" Remove tires from fourth floor tire conveyor belt. Contact control for "by-pass" on tire belt and doors Start conveyor belt to prevent it from burning . Assure both doors on tire chute are closed Inspect calciner and feed pipe for plugged location Start unplugging process Take down barrier chains at all access areas Preparation Work Ensure all safety precautions are met Identifty ports to be shot Call Supervisor Cleanup Turn off warning light switch when shooting is completed Loosen splindle valve while still in assembly stand Remove both heads at each ends Remove generator Spent generator goes into trash Misfire generator goes into kiln Place tube in vertical position Clean tube with bore brush and blow out with compressed air. Place tube back in storage rack Clean detonator head with wire wheel Shut off CO2 bottle, install safety cap Turn air cannons back on and fire Return all equipment to proper storage areas. Execute Drill Remove cap Obtain drill Make certain drilling depth is a minumum of 17-inches. Retract drill Load Load tube Go into Cardox room, turn on CO2 bottle Visually examine Cardox tube Install tube in assembly stand Install copper gasket and shear discs, and then select appropiate discharge head Install generator and detonation head on other end Use Impact wrench on both ends to tighten with three short bursts Check continuity with Ohm meter to ensure good connection (low resistance) Install tube into fill station Open spindle valve three-quarters turn Open CO2 fill station valve Open air pump ball valve. Pump cycles until it almost stalls Close spindle valve ( hand tight) Shut pump hand valve and CO2 hand valve off. Open bleed-off valve ( bleeds off bottle pressure in lines). Carry tube to collar stand on proper floor. Shoot Install locking collar and safety cap and chain on tube Lay out detonation wire and shunt Secure tube in port to be shot Turn clockwise one-quarter turn until stops Insert wires (probes) into tube Un-shunt detonation wire and check continuity Clear entire blast area Connect wires to detonator One crew member sounds alarm Radio transmission (fire in the hole) Initiate firing sequence Charge detonator Fire Misfire Disconnect and shunt wires Slowly open spindle valve to bleed off pressure while tube is still locked into vessel. Remove wires from detonator Remove tube with locking collar still attached Re-install cap on port Remove locking collar Return tube to Cardox room Put tube back in assembly stand