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Mobilization TEAR DOWN Set-up
1. Mobilization
cedar rapids 124
install "oversize banner" and ( 2) flags on tractor
hook tractor to jeep
check the tires and hubs on jeep
obtain supervisors approval to hook up to cedar rapids
clean glad hands & king pin
hook tractor & jeep up
untape glad hands
hook up air lines and electrical cord
check tires & hubs on crusher
pull unit to safe area after supervisor approval
check all lights and brakes performance
clean unit for loose stones etc.
install line bumpers
install banners and flags
1 oversize banner on rear
2 flags on the front
2 flags in the middle
2 flags in the rear ( in addition to the oversize)
install strobe light on right rear side
have crushing supervisor look unit over one more time
line up "escort" train
proceed to new site
Driver must know actual height, width, and route. Driver should know that 40 mph provides adequate braking distance, and minimizes damage from debris.
do not exceed speed 40 mph
while maintaining proper distance
check overhead clearance at all times
arrive at new site
check with supervisor
park per instructions
de-flag unit
Primary Crusher Unit 110
Get approval from crushing supervisor to hook up primary
Clean king pin and air lines
couple tractor to primary
untape glad hands
Hook up air and electric lines
raise landing gear
unhook power pack
move crusher to safe area to be cleaned (after approval)
check all lights and brakes performance
check tires and hubs
flag crusher
2 on tractor
2 on side of crusher (1 per side)
2 on rear
have supervisor inspect unit one more time
proceed to new site
Max speed 50 mph
maintain proper distance
check overhead clearances
spot primary at new site
Stacker Unit 126
clean any stones or rocks off stacker
check hubs for oil
look for loose lug nuts
look for soft tires
Plug in electrical line
1 flag left front
2 flags middle, one each side
2 flags rear
"oversize" banner
two flags front of tractor and "oversize" banner
pull slow on rough roads (no suspension)
check and maintain proper height and width clearances
pull to new site
check with supervisor on site
Find level area to drop landing gear
block wheels on stacker
drop landing gear
unhook electrical line
uncouple tractor and pull away carefully
Tool Trailer Unit 125
pull trailer to safe area of pit
check brakes, hubs, tires and lights
move to new site under standard posted speeds unless conditions dictate otherwise
ask supervisor about ground plate
spot tool trailer per supervisors instructions, unhook lines drop landing gear and uncouple tractor
Scale Conveyor Unit 132 (and 30" (107), 24" (100) transfer conveyors)
check lights
check brakes (132 only)
hook up safety chain
check pintle is locked
drive to site max 45 mph
Water trailer and test trailer
observe speed limits and road conditions
recheck safety chains and hook up
check hubs, tires, fasteners, hitch and lights
find level area to break deck on lowboy that is clear of overhead obstructions
pull chains and get approval from supervisor to load loader and gin pole
place gin pole on center of lowboy deck
put loader on deck, lower bucket
hook deck back together
chain down loader with a minimum of 5 load rated chains
tape exhaust pipe and remove antenna
close all windows and latch all doors
attach "oversized" banner on rear with two flags in the middle at the widest point (the bucket)
attach "oversized" banner on the front of the tractor with 2 flags
minimum clearance is 14.5'
travel to new site at max of 45 mph
arrive at new site find flat area with no overhead obstructions to split deck
unchain, de-flag, untape, install antennae
unload loader
remove gin pole from deck (crushing crew)
hook deck back together and pick up chains
Developer Unit 106
check brakes, tires, hubs
flag unit
2 flags front of truck
2 flags rear of unit (either side, typ.)
install light bar and check for proper operation
check once more for rocks
travel to new site (45 mph max)
de-flag and see supervisor for drop location
start engine
lower landing gear to suitable position
remove light bar and air lines
disconnect tractor
Developer stacker Unit 103
flag unit
2 flags on front of truck
2 flags on rear of unit
install light bar and test
check tires and hubs
travel to next site, max speed 45 mph
check with supervisor and get directions for location
lower landing gear, install braces
remove light bar and flagging
block tires
empty crusher
de-energize power
lower stacking conveyor
clean off catwalks
take down spray bar
block cone
put stays on screen
remove top two skirt boards
remove tie off cables
this is a new step at this time
use fall protection
10 foot ladder
unhook the power cords
wrap the cords up
clean out from under the crusher
hook up the loader to the power pack
raise the crusher to remove the screw jacks
remove the screw jacks
this step is done while the catwalks are being cleaned
fold up the front legs
remove blocking & steel pads
spot truck under crusher
Primary Crusher Unit 110
Unhook power cords
Take Handrails down
Take ramps out with Loader
Clean primary
Put the stays on
Drop the electrical box down
Roll up cords and place on top of electrical panel/box
Secure with strap
Put Panel up on crusher with loader
Hook loader to power pack
Raise Crusher
take out blocks & plywood and put in feeder (use loader)
Ready for truck
Stacker Unit 126
Wind up the cords
chain up counter weight
loosen belt
lift up one side at a time
take drive chain off and hang on frame
pull pin
swing wheel into travel position
shovel off pivot plate
slide hopper to travel position
hook to loader and raise up to proper height
clean 5th wheel plate and pin with shovel
put on truck with loader
follow loader operator instructions
install on belt tie downs Sad
unbolt at first pivot point Sad
fold conveyor around with the loader
lock conveyor into position
unhook loader Sad
position loader to other end of conveyor
hook loader Sad
unbolt second pivot point Sad
fold conveyor with loader
Lock into position
unhook loader Sad
chain belt down at front pivot Sad
use fall protection
lower tie off into transport position with ladder
Tool Trailer Unit 125
secure contents
put steps and hand rails inside trailer (both sets)
shut doors and lock
ready for the truck
have supervisor OK before coupling
couple tool trailer
hook up air and electrical lines
crank up landing gear
back trailer with spotter enough to remove ground plate
hang ground plate in it's hanger
Scale Conveyor Unit 132 (and 30" (107), 24" (100) transfer conveyors)
wind up power cords
scale cord on tool trailer
power cord on scale conveyor
lower if necessary
install bolts in stationary braces and secure
clean it off
check tires, hubs and lug nuts
pick up with loader to raise legs
raise legs
attach to truck and hook up electrical cord
Water trailer Unit 105
wind up cord
unhook and wind up hoses from Cedar Rapids
secure lock box
unhook hose and drain tank
hook to pick up
connect safety chains
connect electrical
check lights and tires
move to next site
Test Trailer Unit 49
secure contents and steps inside (insure testing equip. is secured)
de-energize if necessary, wrap cord under tool trailer
raise legs in back
hitch to pick up (usual procedure)
lower jack
check lights and tires
insure porta-john is secure
move to next site
Developer Unit 106
remove ramp with loader
energize system
lower stacking conveyer into travel position
turn engine off (leave key in on position) and open a valve
disconnect hoses
restart engine
lower landing gear to raise machine
fold up spill/side plate with loader and secure
unpin and raise front legs
pull machine ahead with loader
clean machine
lower truss until collection hopper is on the ground
unpin screen angle
unpin the screen
take hopper off with loader and gin pole and secure on belt bottom side up
lower truss the rest of the way and put screen into transport position and repin
clean king pin, untape glad hands
couple tractor, hook up air lines
have crushing crew raise landing gear
shut off engine
put key in lock box
clean unit
Developer stacker Unit 103
store 2" hydraulic hose on top of belt
pick up one side with loader, pull pin axle and slide axle in and repin
pull pin in wheel and pivot wheel to travel position and pin
repeat steps for other wheel
loosen the belt
locate 5th wheel plate next to end of conveyor
hook to tail pulley eye and lift with gin pole on the loader until head pulley is close to ground
unbolt conveyor at hinge point
fold conveyor into transport position and repin
lower conveyor to convenient height and install 5th wheel plate and install bolts
clean unit
raise end to appropriate 5th wheel height
clean king pin
hook up to truck
3. Set-up
Site Preparation
Examine Site and Evaluate any Hazards
Correct Hazards if possible
Site Specific Hazard Awareness Training Given
Task Train for "Set Up" Activities
Level and stabilize pad for primary crusher and cedar rapids crusher with FEL
Equipment Placement
Back into the pad
Hook loader to power pack
Raise discharge/front conveyor out of the way
lock raised conveyor with two chains provided
Place temporary blocks under jacks
Raise Crusher
Remove electrical and air lines
Disconnect tractor and Pull away
Position Cedar Rapids Unit 124 properly
Hook loader up to power pack on to Cedar Rapids
Bring jacks down to ground and lift up crusher
unhook electrical and air lines
pull tractor away
Set up tool trailer next to pad and put down ground plate
place Landing gear on the ground (tool trailer)
disconnect electrical and air lines and pull truck away
drive truck to stacker unit 126
Raise tie off cables out of travel position
hook up to stacker unit 126
go to the levelest open area available
park truck 90 degree angle to stacker
driver will remain in cab and follow loader operator instructions
unfold the stacker with the loader and gin pole
Hook on to head pulley end of conveyor
Unfold into position
Secure the upper section with bolts Sad
unhook loader/gin pole Sad
relocate loader and hook to other end of stacker Sad
remove lock pin
unfold into position
secure lower section with bolts
raise conveyor weight off tractor with loader
unhook tractor
pull tractor away
set conveyor on ground
unhook gin pole
begin leveling process
Primary Crusher
hook loader up to power pack
throw all blocking and plywood on ground
get torpedo level out
set torpedo level on machine
set machine level using jacks and blocks
Unhook power pack
Go to Cedar Rapids unit 124
Cedar Rapids
hook loader up to power pack
Lower legs to blocking position
set machine level using jacks and blocks
lower the front conveyor
unhook the loader from power pack
Set scale conveyor Unit 132
Use gin pole and loader to hook on to tongue of Unit 132
pull it into place
Set stacker Unit 126
Use gin pole and loader to hook onto lift eyes of Unit 126
pull it into place
Unhook from Stacker Unit 126
Go to Primary Crusher Unit 110
Hook onto electrical box of Unit 110
Lift off and set on ground
Take gin pole off of loader
Go to Stacker Unit 126
Pick one side up and turn wheel to radial position
Repeat for opposite side
Put drive chain on
Electrical Setup
Unwrap cords and plug into receptacle into tool trailer
Do not plug in cords with generator running
Hang or place cords to prevent damage
perform continuity/ground resistance test
Final Setup
place handrails
remove stays
take blocks out of cone
remove stays off of cedar rapids
Fill water tank
reattach water system
reattach tie-off cables
reattach spray bar
tighten stacker belt
remove the belt stays
use fall protection
calibrate scale
set plywood
build axle-height berms and ramps
set test trailer