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Receive from Supplier Receive (ATF Certified Person must receive) Check order/manifest Count each explosive received Record Sign invoice Make copies of manifest/invoice and maintain copy in each magazine/anfo van and at office (usually 4 copies) Add to existing inventory Each magazine has own inventory book Detonators Unload Count Store in magazine Stack no more than 3 high Add to inventory for detonator magazine Rotate by date Best practice Recheck inventory Daily magazine check Boosters Unload Count Store in magazine Do not stack more than 4 high Add to inventory for detonator magazine Rotate by date Best practice Recheck inventory Daily magazine check Initial calendar inside magazine Anfo Van serves as portable magazine for storing Anfo Transport bags from previous van to new delivery van Discuss proper lifting requirements.  Fifo method (first-in, first-out)  Stacked 6 high, 7 wide Ensure van is double-locked and grounded Add to inventory for anfo van Recheck inventory Daily magazine check ATF notification (phone number) posted at gate entrance Best practice Ensure no signs are posted in direct path of stored materials Storage area 50' surrounding magazines must be clear of debris, dry grass, ignition sources, etc. Materials must be stored at least 4' away from the wall of magazines Condensation could affect explosives Transport to blasting area Transport detonators and boosters No smoking materials or open flames Explosives must be manually unloaded - no mechanization No riders allowed in vehicle when transporting explosives Truck bed lined with non-sparking material Separate detonators and booster by 4" of hardwood or laminate if carried at same time Check for or place signage Signs shall be visible from all angles Transport Anfo Use tractor to transport anfo van to blasting area Use designated tractor only; Driver must pass an ATF background check Remove lock from van pin Hook up tractor Unchock van Usually use rocks for chocks Disconnect ground Raise landing gear Record magazine activities Note explosives removed Note explosives used Note explosvies returned Note total Inventory Selecting truck route Travel back roads when possible Avoid transporting explosives through traffic/production areas when possible Select parking area Park near blast holes Park trucks at least 50' apart Set park brake Chock trucks or turn toward berm Shut engine off Truck Preshift Conduct a daily pre-shift examination Applies to any vehicle hauling explosives Check signs Inspect extinquishers (2)