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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

  • What is it?
  • Why should you conduct an IJTA
  • Uses of an IJTA

  • The Process

    Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)



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    Task Training
    Why should you conduct an Initial Job Task Analysis?

    IJTA should be performed if:

    • No training program currently exists for a job position
    • An existing training program for a job position is not based on current and valid job step
    • There is a need to improve performance

    A thorough IJTA is the most effective and efficient way to determine the job tasks associated with a piece of machinery. Using this process makes the best use of your training time and produces the best performance from the miners. By including participants from all aspects of the job, appropriate attention is placed on production, maintenance, and safety.

    During the IJTA 3-day workshop, participants will customize a generic worksheet to meet the mine's specific needs. An IJTA results in a valid job task worksheet that serves as the basis for developing training objectives, training priorities, training outlines, and evaluation criteria.

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