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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

The Process

Team Roles

  • Workshop Participants
  • Workshop Staff
  • Equipment Selection

  • Pre-Workshop Tasks

    Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)



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    Task Training

    Hosting a quality training session requires good planning. There are several items that need to be planned before the actual workshop takes place. The next several screens will walk you step by step through the planning process.

    We recommend that you begin planning approximately 45 days prior to the workshop.

    Choosing a Date and Location
    The first two tasks are to choose a date and a location:

    • In choosing a date consider the schedules of those you will invite:
        Coordinating a date that will work for everyone will take time. Choose one date and send out invitations well in advance so you will have time to make changes and accommodations.
    • In choosing and setting up your location, select a large room with unbroken wall space:
        The room you choose should be of sufficient size to comfortably accommodate the team and any observers. Since the entire team will be hanging up individual post it notes, it is essential there be enough room for everyone to approach the wall. There will most likely be hundreds of paper pieces hanging so if possible, there should be no doors or windows to interfere. You should also consider the surface of the wall to be sure the post it notes will stick. Also consider whether or not the wall surface would be damaged by hanging items on them.

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