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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)
Equipment Selection
Participant Selection
MJTA Workshop Process



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Task Training
The Workshop Process

The Introduction:
In the introduction to the workshop, the facilitator should:

  • Explain that this is a workshop to determine the best way for them to conduct their on-the-job training
  • Explain the process used to develop the worksheet

  • (See IJTA Process)
  • Emphasize that the process was developed by a group of participants just like this group. "The work you do here today is your program.
  • Explain that the team includes subject matter experts (SME) representing everyone that directly influences the job. Each SME will contribute their intimate knowledge of the job and offer their perspective.
  • Briefly discuss that the worksheet will be modified in MS Word
  • Explain what the workshop will involve, how it will be conducted, and the expected final result.
  • Discuss the purpose and use of each column (importance, importance level, satisfactory/needs work, notes/comments) See procedure steps below.
  • Explain the three uses of the final worksheet.
    • - Instructor Self analysis and preparation aid
      - Teaching outline, and
      - Trainee evaluation guide

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