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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

The Process

  • Ground Rules
  • Developing the Duties
  • Ranking the Steps

  • Team Roles

    Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)



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    Process - Developing the Duties, Job Steps, and Sub-steps

    Remind the participants while they are writing:

    • Not to consider the level of the action. Every action needs to be included.
    • Write 'From the gut'
    • Use and action verb and object
    Once everyone has finished writing down the job steps have them put their stickys randomly on the wall or selected area so everyone can read them. This can be done all at once or choose one person to start the process.

    After completing the previous step, have the participants return to the wall and silently rearrange the stickys. Please ask participants to refrain from discussion(s). Encourage logical groupings and placing duplicates together.

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