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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

The Process

  • Ground Rules
  • Developing the Duties
  • Ranking the Steps

  • Team Roles

    Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)



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    Process - Developing the Duties, Job Steps, and Sub-steps

    Managing the Group Discussion

    • Control the pace and keep on schedule
    • Keep the session focused
    • Some issues could be put in the 'parking lot' and discussed if there is time at the end
    • Limit unnecessary or excessive discussion while keeping the tone friendly

    Organizing the Data

    The recorder should be grouping the data while the group discusses the headings. He/she will also input the job steps and groupings using an organizational software program (Mind Manager is an excellent commercial product used for this purpose). The participants will watch the process on a computer projection screen.

    They can refine the groupings and job steps by consensus. It is recommended that the job steps be arranged in the order that they are normally performed.

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