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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

The Process

Team Roles

  • Workshop Participants
  • Workshop Staff
          - The Recorder
  • Equipment Selection

  • Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)



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    Task Training
    The Recorder

    Responsibilities of the Recorder:

    • It is recommended that the workshop recorder begin inputting the sticky information into the Mind Manager software as soon as possible. The heading labels will become the duties and the stickys under each heading will become the job steps. Some minor tweaking may have to occur.
    • It is critical that the sticky note information is typed into the computer as soon as possible. Delays at this time are inevitable. Good computer skills are critical to minimize the interruption. Often breaks or lunch are taken at this time but still speed and accuracy are important.
    • It is the responsibility of the recorder to make the modifications on the worksheet as the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) provide insight. These modifications include any changes to the job and duty lists, decisions on the importance ratings and rationale, and any additional notes and comments that the participants deem necessary. The recorder should be familiar with working in MS Word tables.

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