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Initial Job Task Analysis (IJTA)

Modified Job Task Analysis (MJTA)
Equipment Selection
Participant Selection
MJTA Workshop Process



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Task Training
Workshop Staff

Workshop Coordinator:
Due to logistical needs it is often helpful to have a workshop coordinator.
Usually the Coordinator's role is to:

  • make the necessary pre-workshop arrangements
  • answering questions
  • assisting in IJTA team member's selection
  • arranging for the meeting space, and
  • gathering the necessary equipment
The coordinator is responsible for organizing the IJTA workshop. There are several actions that must be initiated prior to the workshop.

  • IJTA Workshop Coordinator's Checklist
  • List of Documents
  • This checklist has been put together to help you accomplish the activities in a timely manner. It will ensure a successful workshop.

    NOTE: It will not require a full-time effort to complete these items but it will most likely require adequate leeway to schedule participants and a meeting room.

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