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Welcome to our Page for Kids

Hi! Welcome to the Mine Safety and Health Administration's page that was made with kids in mind. Our job is to protect those that work at mines, maybe your father, mother, aunt or uncle. We are putting this page up so that you might explore and learn more about mining.

But First!!
PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS    Please Look at This...
Stay Out Stay Alive

Things To Do!

DIVIDER Places to Stay Away From

Places To Stay Away From!

Stay Out! Stay Alive!

Stay Out! Stay Alive (SOSA)

Let's Do Some Prospecting

Let's Do Some Prospectin'!

MSHA and Mining
MSHA and Mining

Some great fun from the Kentucky Coal Council ...

Some great fun from
the Kentucky Coal Council ...

An Important Piece of News!
Read it with your parents, please.

A History Lesson

The Dirty Children By Phillip Taft

More History

Little Miners

The Coal Miner's Canary

The Coal Miner's CanaryA story by Edward Allan Faine

Every American Born Will Need...

Every American Born Will Need...

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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Kids Page