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Holmes Safety Association

The Holmes Safety Association (HSA) is a nonprofit association that began in 1926 to promote health and safety in the mining industry and consists of representatives from Federal and State Governments, Mining Organizations and Labor. As part of this effort, the Association publishes the 24-page HSA bulletin 11 times a year. The bulletin contains information devoted to mine safety and health and safety and health in general. There are 7 State Councils, 75 District Councils, and 4415 Chapters within the Holmes Safety Association.

Holmes Safety Association Officers

President ..........    Bill Vance, New Mexico, Management
2nd Vice-President ..........    Chuck Edwards, Pennsylvania, Supplier
3rd Vice-President ..........    Douglas Conaway, West Virginia, State
4th Vice-President ..........    John Riggi, Pennsylvania, Labor
Secretary-Treasurer ..........    Pat Hurley, Virginia, Federal

History and Membership Benefits

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    Write to:
      Holmes Safety Association
      Patrick Hurley, National Secretary
      P.O. Box 9375
      Arlington, VA 22019

      Or call: (202) 693-9581
      Or fax: (202) 693-9571
      or e-mail:

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