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Asbestos Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the rule making process for Verification of Underground Coal Mine Operators' Dust Control Plans and Compliance Sampling for Respirable Dust (03-3941). Below, you will also find a list commenters. There are links to each of the files as well.

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Verification of Underground Coal Mine Operators' Dust Control Plans and
Compliance Sampling for Respirable Dust

File Commenter Date Received
AB14 COMM-1 SKC 03/18/2003
AB14 COMM-3PV United Mine Workers of America 05/08/2003
AB14 COMM-2 Centurion Safety Products, LTD 05/13/2003
AB14 COMM-4 Bowie Resources, Limited (Ernal Shaw) 05/27/2003

Post Hearing Comments

File Commenter Date Received
AB14 COMM-100 John Stewart, NBLA 06/02/2003
AB14 COMM-101 UMWA, Clyde D. McKnight, Jr. 06/02/2003
AB14 COMM-102 Valley Mining, Inc., Allen Mann 06/02/2003
AB14 COMM-103 Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. 06/10/2003
AB14 COMM-104 Ron Hampleman 06/13/2003
AB14 COMM-105 Lloyd Dunford 06/19/2003
AB14 COMM-106 Virginia Black Lung Association (Calvin Dunford, Chairman) 06/19/2003
AB14 COMM-107 Sparkle Bonds, Virginia Black Lung Association 06/23/2003
AB14 COMM-108 Jimmy Bonds 06/24/2003
AB14 COMM-109 Clara Sue Hughes, Virginia Black Lung Association 06/25/2003
AB14 COMM-110 Carl Ball, VBLA 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-111 William St. Clair, VBLA 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-112 Allen Hess 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-113 Herbert Endicott, VBLA 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-114 Jim Walter Resources 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-115 Ernestine Bailey 06/26/2003
AB14 COMM-116 Cynthia Anderson 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-117 Mr. Liggett 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-118 John Cline 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-119 Maxine Gibson 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-120 Donald Taylor 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-121 Cecil Gibson 06/27/2003
AB14 COMM-122 3M, Michael Runge 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-124 James Kinney 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-125 Nancy Campbell 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-126 Emma Campbell 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-127 Mary Aliff 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-128 Edward Lilly 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-129 Henry Aliff 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-130 Virginia Lilly 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-131 Kenneth Dangerfield 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-132 Gary Hairston 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-133 Bonnie Bower 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-134 Posey Stump 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-135 Charles Prather 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-136 Eve Fingerett 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-137 Orval King 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-138 Michael Barn 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-139 Eunice Dangerfield 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-140 Nancy Massu 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-141 Joe Massie 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-142 Mack Whited 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-143 Leonard Justus 06/30/2003
AB14 COMM-144 Univeristy of Massachusetts Lowell,
(Drs. Wegman, Dement, Rice)
AB14 COMM-145 Unsigned 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-146 Jack Edwards 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-147 Joseph Sanders 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-148 Joe Pennington 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-149 Jerry Thompson 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-150 John Hall 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-151 Kenneth Bowman 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-152 Louise Crusenberry 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-153 Mike Sanders 07/02/2003
AB14 COMM-154 American Society of Safety Engineers, James Kendrick 07/03/2003
AB14 COMM-155 Boone Sutherland 07/03/2003
AB14 COMM-156 Fred Shapre 07/03/2003
AB14 COMM-157 Clinton Corico 07/03/2003
AB14 COMM-158 Walter Dean, VBLA 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-159 Ollie Dotson 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-160 Harry Dotson 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-161 Louie Hall 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-162 Jackie Clendenon 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-163 Robert Cassel, Sr. 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-164 Sammy Mullins 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-165 Jimmy Scardo 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-166 James Jackson 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-167 Larry Derban 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-168 Walter Dean 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-169 Willie Crusenberry 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-170 Woodrow Tackett 07/08/2003
AB14 COMM-171 Everette Meade 07/11/2003
AB14 COMM-172 Lena Cassell 07/14/2003
AB14 COMM-173 Rep. Shelley Moore Capito 07/20/2003

For a listing of Transcripts of Public Hearings for this rule use this link.