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Emergency Mine Evacuation - Emergency Temporary Standard  Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Emergency Mine Evacuation - Emergency Temporary Standard ( 06-2255).

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30 CFR Parts 48, 50, and 75
Emergency Mine Evacuation; Final Rule

RIN 1219-AB46

The comment period for this information request closes June 29, 2006.

File Commenter Date Received
AB46-COMM-01 Hoya Clemons 03/13/2006
AB46-COMM-02 Allan H. Jack - Enlow Fork Mine - Consol Energy 03/15/2006
AB46-COMM-03 Mara Dorsch 05/08/2006
AB46-COMM-04 Robert Miller - Grad Student - East Carolina University 05/09/2006
AB46-COMM-05 Joint comment by members of UMWA Local 6492 05/09/2006
AB46-COMM-06 Ernal A. Shaw - Bowie Resources, LLC 05/12/2006
AB46-COMM-07 David Woroner - Survival Consultants International, LLC 05/03/2006
AB46-COMM-08 Allen Berry - Vision No. 9 Mine 05/16/2006
AB46-COMM-09 Comment from Hourly Miners - Advent Mining LLC 05/16/2006
AB46-COMM-10 Chester Thomas - Green River Collieries, LLC 05/16/2006
AB46-COMM-11 Mine Safehouse, LLC - Erwin L. Conrad, Conrad & Conrad 05/17/2006
AB46-COMM-12 UMWA Local 6492 05/18/2006
AB46-COMM-13 Chester L. Thomas, Sandow and Three Oaks Mines 05/9/2006
AB46-COMM-14 R. Lincoln Derick, Twentymile Coal Company 05/22/2006
AB46-COMM-15 Darrell K. Smith, Industrial Minerals Asso.-North America 05/22/2006
AB46-COMM-16 Benjamin Laurence 05/22/2006
AB46-COMM-17 Michael E. Dillingham, UMWA Local Union 6492 05/23/2006
AB46-COMM-18 C.K. Lane, James River Coal Company 05/24/2006
AB46-COMM-19 Herbert Cordell, UMWA Local 2133 05/25/2006
AB46-COMM-20 Chris Williams, Advent Mining 05/31/2006
AB46-COMM-21 Christopher Papile, Ph.D, Catalyte LLC 05/30/2006
AB46-COMM-22 Rick Baker, Kinross Gold Corporation 05/30/2006
AB46-COMM-23 Robert Johnson, The Pittsburgh & Midway Coal Mining Co. 06/01/2006
AB46-COMM-24 Glenn Loggins, Larry Turner, Ricky Dunn, UMWA Local 2245 Safety Committee 06/07/2006
AB46-COMM-25 Thomas B. Carter, Portland Cement Assoc. 06/19/2006
AB46-COMM-26 Harry Dean Childress, Cumberland Resources Corp. 06/22/2006
AB46-COMM-27 Morton Satin, Salt Institute 06/23/2006
AB46-COMM-28 Lincoln Derick, Twentymile Coal Company 06/26/2006
AB46-COMM-29 Darrell K. Smith, Industrial Minerals Assoc., North America 06/23/2006
AB46-COMM-30 Bill K. Caylor, Kentucky Coal Assoc. 06/27/2006
AB46-COMM-31 David Hales, San Juan Coal Co. 06/28/2006
AB46-COMM-32 Dale Byram, Jim Walter Resources Inc. 06/28/2006
AB46-COMM-33 Gary E. Walter, NSSGA 06/28/2006
AB46-COMM-34 Dennis O'Dell, UMWA 06/28/2006
AB46-COMM-35 Mike Larson, Minerals Technologies Inc. 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-36 Stan Geary, Pennsylvania Coal Co. 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-37 John M. Gallick, Foundation Coal Corporation 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-38 Hunter Prillaman, The National Lime Association 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-39 Steve Minshall, Ash Grove Cement Company 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-40 Tom Wynne, Alliance Coal, LLC 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-41 Ralph Sanich, Interwest Mining Company 06/29/2006
AB46-COMM-42 Stuart A. Sanderson, Colorado Mining Association 06/29/2006