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Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Measuring and Controlling Asbestos Exposure

FedReg Doc. 02-7467 - Published March 29, 2002
Comment Period ended June 27, 2002

Public Docket Index
AB24-COMM-1: S.J. Jung, Associate Professor, Dept. of M3GE (mining) University of Idaho, 4/1/02.
AB24-COMM-2: Virginia Vermiculite LLC, 4/2/02.
AB24-COMM-3: Sun City Home Owners Association, 4/8/02.
AB24-COMM-4: Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, 4/15/02.
AB24-COMM-5: M6FRECK, Gouverneur Talc, 4/15/02.
AB24-COMM-6: Floyd Brown, Chairman, SCHOA Water Resources Committee, 4/16/02.
AB24-COMM-7: Larry Ladd, Rancho Cordova, CA., 5/6/02.
AB24-COMM-8: Stu Bailey, Industrial Hygienist, Pinnacol Assurance, 5/16/02.
AB24-COMM-9: New Jersey Concrete and Aggregate Association, 6/4/02.
AB24-COMM-10: AIHA, 6/22/02.
AB24-COMM-11: Dr. Michael J. Allen, for the Vermiculite Association, 6/14/02.
AB24-COMM-12: New Jersey Concrete and Aggregate Association, 6/21/02.
AB24-COMM-13: Colorado Rock Roducts Association, 6/21/02.
AB24-COMM-14: H.B. Mellott Estate, Inc., Mellott Enterprises, Inc., 6/25/02.
AB24-COMM-15: Industrial Minerals Association - North America, (with exhibits) 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-16: Oldcastle Materials Group, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-17: Global Stone Chemstone, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-18: Global Stone Chemstone (duplicate of 6/27/02 comment), 6/28/02.
AB24-COMM-19: North Carolina Aggregates Association, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-20: American Society of Safety Engineers, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-21: American Society of Safety Engineers, (duplicate of fax Comment No. 20), 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-22: Tennessee Road Builders Association, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-23: OMYA, Inc., 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-24: The Vermiculite Association, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-25: The Vermiculite Association, (duplicate of e-mail comment No. 24) 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-26: The Vermiculite Association, (duplicate of comment No. 24), 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-27: R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. (with pictorial presentation references, full documents appended are circle), 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-28: Letter dated June 27, 2002 from Jennifer Joy Wilson, President and CEO NATIONAL STONE, SAND & GRAVEL ASSOCIATION with attached list of documents to Marvin Nichols, Director, Office of Standards, Regulations and Variances.
AB24-COMM-29: National Mining Association, Bruce Watzman, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-30: Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International,Inc., Paul A. Schulte, Ph.D, 6/27/02.
AB24-COMM-31: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)), 7/25/02 (federal express air bill dated 6/26/02).
AB24-COMM-LATE-1: Gordon Rosier (via e-mail), re: Your Information on Lung Disease Rates.