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LAST VALIDATED: 03/31/2021


                       Director of Technical Support

                        RAY McKINNEY  RAY McKINNEY
                        Administrator for
                             Coal Mine Safety and Health

                        ROBERT M. FRIEND  ROBERT M. FRIEND
                        Administrator for
                             Metal and Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health

SUBJECT:     Superseding of Program Information Bulletins P99-24 and P02-9
                         Regarding MSHA Approved Cable Splice Kits

Who needs this information?
Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) enforcement personnel, cable splice kit manufacturers, underground coal, metal and nonmetal gassy mine operators, miners' representatives, and repair shop facilities.

Why is MSHA issuing this bulletin?
MSHA is issuing this bulletin to update and combine Program Information Bulletins (PIBs) P99-24 titled "Mine Safety and Health Administration Approved Cable Splice Kits" and P02-9 titled "Update to Mine Safety and Health Administration Cable Splice Kit Approval Coverage."

What is the background for this update?
Some of the information provided in the PIBs P99-24 and P02-9 caused confusion with enforcement policies and practices regarding the repair of conduit hose with splice kit material. This PIB clarifies and supersedes the two previously issued PIBs.

What are the main points of this bulletin?
This bulletin concerns MSHA approved cable splice kits.

1. As of June 1999, MSHA requires the cable splice kit manufacturer to list the voltage rating(s) on the cable splice kit instruction sheet that is provided with the splice kit components. The instruction sheet will describe the optional construction methods if various voltages are specified.

2. MSHA approved cable splices must be constructed as directed on the cable splice kit instructions. An installed cable splice can only be considered compliant with the requirements if it is constructed according to the directions listed on the instruction sheet. Reference is made to the Program Policy Manual, Volume V, section 75.604.

3. The components of an MSHA approved cable splice kit can be used to repair a damaged outer cable jacket or conduit hose if the repair methods are designated on the instruction sheet. The manufacturer must apply to MSHA to have the procedure included on the instruction sheet if it is not currently listed. Conduit hose repairs are acceptable when made in accordance with the conditions listed in the Program Policy Manual, Volume V, section 75.503.

How does this PIB differ from the two previous PIBs that it supersedes?
This PIB clarifies the confusion about the use of splice kit material to repair conduit hose. As indicated in item 3 above, the use of flame-resistant cable repair sleeves is permitted to repair conduit hose when the repairs are made in accordance with MSHA Program Policy Manual, Volume V, section 75.503.

Who are the contact persons for this bulletin?
Technical Support, Approval and Certification Center
Dustin Hinchman (304) 547-2049

Mine Safety and Health Enforcement, Safety Division
Rodney Adamson, (202) 693-9549

Is this information on the internet?
This Program Information Bulletin may be viewed on the World Wide Web by accessing the MSHA home page ( and then choosing Rules and Regulations/Compliance Assistance Information/Program Information Bulletins.

What is the authority for this bulletin?
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 30, Part 7, Subpart K, 57.22302, 57.22303, 57.22310, and 57.22311, 75.517-1, 75.503, 75.604, 77.504 and 77.602

Who will receive this bulletin?
Program Policy Manual Holders
Miners' Representatives
Underground Mine Operators
Manufacturers of Cable Splice Kits
Repair Shop Facilities
Special Interest Groups