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Statement For Description
[Fed Reg 00-16321]
OMB No. - 1219-0082
30 CFR 77.1901 - Records of Preshift and Onshift Inspections of Slope and Shaft Areas. (Pertains to slope and shaft sinking operations at coal mines.)
[Fed Reg 00-12665]
OMB No. - 1219-0026
30 C.F.R. Parts 77.1000 and 77.1000-1, Ground Control Plans (pertains to surface coal mines and surface work areas of underground coal mines)
[Fed Reg 00-9910]
OMB No. - 1219-0121
Safety Standards for Roof Bolts in Metal and Nonmetal Mines and Underground Coal Mines (30 CFR 56.3203(a), 57.3203(a), and 75.204(a))
[Fed Reg 00-8243]
OMB No. - 1219-0103
30 CFR 57.22004(c), 57.22229, 57.22230, 57.22231, and 57.22239, Notification of Methane Detected in Mine Atmosphere. (Applies to underground metal and nonmetal mines.)
[Fed Reg 00-7473]
OMB No. - 1219-0054
30 C.F.R. Part 75, Subpart L - Fire Protection
(Underground Coal Mines)
[Fed Reg 00-7474]
OMB No. - 1219-0096
Underground Retorts
(pertains only to metal and nonmetal underground oil shale mines with retorts located underground
[Fed Reg 00-7475]
OMB No. - 1219-0065
Petitions for Modification of Mandatory Safety Standards
[Fed Reg 00-19401]
OMB No. - 1219-0051
30 CFR 77.1101 - Escape and Evacuation Plans
(Pertains to surface coal mines and surface work areas of underground coal mines.)
[Fed Reg 00-21627] OMB No. - 1219-0083
Section 77.1713, Record of Examinations for Hazardous Conditions (pertains to surface coal mines)
[Fed Reg 00-21628] OMB No. - 1219-0030
Main Fan Operation and Inspection (applies to underground metal and nonmetal mines which have been categorized as "gassy")
[Fed Reg 00-22980]
OMB No. - 1219-0095
Explosive Materials and Blasting Units (pertains only to metal and nonmetal underground mines deemed to be gassy)
[Fed Reg 00-23130]
OMB No. - 1219-0078
Mine Rescue Teams; Arrangements for Emergency Medical Assistance; and Arrangements for Transportation for Injured Persons
[Fed Reg 00-23758]
OMB No. - 1219-0039
Gamma Radiation Exposure Records
[Fed Reg 00-24009]
OMB No. - 1219-0088
Ventilation Plans, Tests, and Examinations in Underground Coal Mines
[Fed Reg 00-31821]
OMB No. - 1219-0025
Applications for a Permit To Fire More Than 20 Boreholes, for the Use of Nonpermissible Blasting Units, Explosives, and Shot-Firing Units

This submission was issued in December of 1999

• Requirements for the Approval of Flame-Resistant Conveyor Belts - Proposed Rule

  • Paperwork Reduction Act Submission - (PDF)
  • As this proposed rule was first published December 24, 1992, (pre-internet) we are providing you a copy in PDF of the Proposed Rule.
    Proposed Rule- (PDF)

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