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[Fed Reg E7-603]
OMB No. 1219-0001
30 C.F.R. 75.153(a)(2) and 77.103 (a)(2), Certificate of Electrical Training, MSHA Form 5000-1. (Pertains to surface and underground coal mines.)
[Fed Reg E7-2092]
OMB No. 1219-0025
30 C.F.R 75.1321, 75.1327, and 77.1909-1 - Applications for a permit to fire more than 20 boreholes and for the use of non-permissible blasting units or for the posting of notices of misfired holes (pertaining to underground coal mines) and the use of nonpermissible explosives and shotfiring units in shaft and slope construction (pertains to coal mining industry).
[Fed Reg E7-4723]
OMB No. 1219-0138
30 CFR 75.350, 75.351, 75.352, 75.371 Safety Standards for Underground Coal Mine Ventilation - Belt Entry Used as an Intake Air Course to Ventilate Working Sections And Areas Where Mechanized Mining Equipment Is Being Installed or Removed.
[Fed Reg E7-6604]
OMB No. 1219-0020
30 C.F.R. 75.1716, 75.1716-1 and 75.1716-3, Operations Under Water (pertains to underground coal mines)
[Fed Reg E7-6605]
OMB No. 1219-0041
30 C.F.R 75.1702 and 75.1702-1, Program to Prevent Smoking in Hazardous Areas (pertains to underground coal mines.)
[Fed Reg E7-8432]
OMB No. 1219-0124
Health Standards for Diesel Particulates (Underground Coal) 30 CFR 75.1915/72.503, 72.510, 72.520 and Part 7 or Part 36 as a result of 72.500
[Fed Reg E7-8556]
OMB No. 1219-0016
Ventilation Plan and Main Fan Maintenance Record 30 C.F.R. 57.8520, 57.8525 (pertains to metal and nonmetal underground mines)
[Fed Reg E7-8564]
OMB No. 1219-0014
Hazardous Conditions Complaints 30 C.F.R. 43.4 and 43.7
[Fed Reg E7-8722]
OMB No. 1219-0019
Slope and Shaft Sinking Plans, 30 C.F.R. 77.1900
(pertains to the surface work areas of underground coal mines)
[Fed Reg E7-8882]
OMB No. 1219-0089
Safety Defects; Examination, Correction and Records, 30 C.F.R. 56/57.14100, 56/57.13015, 56/57.13030, and 56/57.18002
(pertains to metal and nonmetal surface and underground mines)
[Fed Reg 07-2535]
OMB No. 1219-AB52
Emergency Temporary Standard: Sealing of Abandoned Areas
30 CFR 75.335 - Seal requirements.
30 CFR 75.336 - Seal design applications and installation approval.
30 CFR 75.337 - Construction and repair of seals.
[Fed Reg E7-12523]
OMB No. 1219-0046
30 C.F.R. 57.11053, Escape and Evacuation Plans (pertains to underground metal and nonmetal mines)
[Fed Reg E7-12524]
OMB No. 1219-0044
30 C.F.R. 75.1714-3(e), Record of Results of Examinations of Self-Rescuers (pertains to underground coal mines)
[Fed Reg E7-12525]
OMB No. 1219-0042
30 C.F.R. 40.3, 40.4, and 40.5, Representative of Miners
30 C.F.R. 41.20, Notification of Legal Identity
30 C.F.R. 56.1000 and 57.1000, Notification of Commencement of Operations and Closing of Mines (pertains to metal and nonmetal mines).
[Fed Reg E7-12526]
OMB No. 1219-0024
Application for Waiver of Surface Facilities Requirements (pertaining to coal mines)
30 C.F.R. 71.403, 71.404, 75.1712-4 and 75.1712-5
[Fed Reg E7-12671]
OMB No. 1219-0NEW
Qualification/Certification Program Request for MSHA Individual Identification Number (MIIN)
[Fed Reg E7-16453]
OMB No. 1219-0003
Radiation Sampling and Exposure Records, 30 C.F.R. 57.5037 and 57.5040 (pertains to underground uranium mines and metal and nonmetal underground mines).
[Fed Reg E7-16454]
OMB No. 1219-0009
Training Plans and Records of Training, 30 C.F.R. 48.3, 48.9, 48.23, and 48.29
[Fed Reg E7-20237]
OMB No. 1219-0048
Respirator Program Records 30 C.F.R. 56.5005 and 57.5005 (pertains to metal and nonmetal surface and underground mines)
[Fed Reg E7-20238]
OMB No. 1219-0049
Hoist Operators Physical Fitness 30 C.F.R. 56.19057 and 57.19057
[Fed Reg E7-20239]
OMB No. 1219-0097
Rock Burst Control Plan, 30 C.F.R. 57.3461 (pertains to underground metal and nonmetal mines)
[Fed Reg E7-20404]
OMB No. 1219-0034
Records of Tests and of Examinations of Personnel Hoisting Equipment 30 C.F.R. 56.19022, 56.19023, 56.19121, 57.19022, 57.19023, 57.19121, 75.1400-2, 75.1400-4, 75.1432, 75.1433, 77.1404, 77.1432, 77.1433, 77.1906
[Fed Reg E7-23941]
OMB No. 1219-0007
Mine Accident, Injury, and Illness Report and Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Report (MSHA Forms 70001 and 70002)
[Fed Reg E7-23942]
OMB No. 1219-0127
Qualification/Certification Program and Man Hoist Operators Physical Fitness
[Fed Reg E7-24692]
OMB No. 1219-0116
Examinations & Testing of Electrical Equipment including Exam, Testing, and Maintenance of High Voltage Longwalls - 30 C.F.R. 75.351, 75.512, 75.703, 75.800-4, 75.820, 75.821, 75.900-4, 75.1001-1, 77.502, 77.800-2, and 77.900-2

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