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[Fed Reg E9-4417]
OMB No. 1219-0121
30 CFR 56.3203(a), 57.3203(a), and 75.204(a) Safety Standards for Roof Bolts in Metal and Nonmetal Mines and Underground Coal Mines
[Fed Reg E9-4787]
OMB No. 1219-0103
30 C.F.R. Part 57, Subpart T; 30 C.F.R. 57.22004(c), 57.22229, 57.22230, 57.22231, and 57.22239, Methane Detected in Mine Atmosphere. (Applies to underground metal and nonmetal mines)
[Fed Reg E9-5289]
OMB No. 1219-0004
30 C.F.R. Sections 75.215, 75.220, 75.221, 75.222, and 75.223: Roof Control Plan. (Pertains to underground coal mines)
[Fed Reg E9-6030]
OMB No. 1219-0135
30 CFR Sections 57.5060, 57.5065, 57.5066, 57.5067, 57.5070, 57.5071, and 57.5075 - Health Standards for Diesel Particulates Matter (Underground Metal and Nonmetal Mines)
[Fed Reg E9-9943]
OMB No. 1219-0011
Mine Operator Dust Data Card: 30 CFR Sections 70.209, 71.209, and 90.209 - Mine Operator Dust Data Card; 70.201(c), 71.201(c), and 90.201(c) - Reporting Operator Sampling Dates; 70.202(b), 71.202(b), and 90.202(b) - Dust Sampling Certification; 70.204, 71.204 and 90.204 Approved Sampling Devices, Maintenance and Calibration ; 70.210 and 71.210 Posting of Operator Dust Sample Data; 70.220(a), 71.220(a), and 90.220- Reporting Status Changes; and 71.300, 71.301(d), 90.300 and 90.301(d) - Respirable Dust Control Plan and Posting.
[Fed Reg E9-9944]
OMB No. 1219-0026
30 CFR Part 77, Subpart K Ground Control (Surface Coal Mines and Surface Work Areas of Underground Coal Mines) 77.1000; 77.1000-1
[Fed Reg E9-9945]
OMB No. 1219-0096
30 C.F.R. 57.22401 - Underground Retorts (pertains only to metal and nonmetal underground oil shale mines with retorts located underground)
[Fed Reg E9-15792]
OMB No. 1219-0054
Fire Protection (Underground Coal Mines): 30 CFR 75.1100-3: Condition and examination of fire fighting equipment; 30 CFR 75.1103-8: Automatic fire sensor and warning device systems; inspection and test requirements; 30 CFR 75.1103-11: Tests of fire hydrants and fire hose; record of tests; 30 CFR 75.1501(a)(3); Emergency evacuations; 30 CFR 75.1502: Mine emergency evacuation and firefighting program of instruction.
[Fed Reg E9-17843]
OMB No. 1219-0065
30 CFR 44.9, 44.10, and 44.11 Petitions for Modification of Mandatory Safety Standards - Pertains to all mines.
[Fed Reg E9-19308]
OMB No. 1219-0030
30 C.F.R. 57.22204, Main Fan Operation and Inspection (applies to underground metal and nonmetal mines which have been categorized as "gassy")
[Fed Reg E9-19309]
OMB No. 1219-0082
30 CFR 77.1901 - Records of Preshift and Onshift Inspections of Slope and Shaft Areas. (Pertains to slope and shaft sinking operations at coal mines.)
[Fed Reg E9-19310]
OMB No. 1219-0051
30 CFR 77.1101 - Escape and Evacuation Plans (Pertains to surface coal mines, surface facilities and surface work areas of underground coal mines.)
[Fed Reg E9-22882]
OMB No. 1219-0039
30 C.F.R. 57.5047, Gamma Radiation Exposure Records (pertains to metal and nonmetal underground mines)
[Fed Reg E9-23250]
OMB No. 1219-0095
30 C.F.R. 57.22606(a), Explosive Materials and Blasting Units (pertains only to metal and nonmetal underground mines deemed to be gassy)
[Fed Reg E9-24389]
OMB No. 1219-0083
Section 77.1713, Daily Inspection of Surface Coal Mine; Certified Person; Reports of Inspection (pertains to surface coal mines)
[Fed Reg E9-24748]
OMB No. 1219-0078
Mine Rescue Teams; Arrangements for Emergency Medical Assistance; and Arrangements for Transportation for Injured Persons
[Fed Reg E9-28893]
OMB No. 1219-0141
Emergency Mine Evacuation
30 C.F.R. 48.3 - Training plans; time of submission; where filed; information required; time for approval; method for disapproval; commencement of training; approval of instructors.
30 C.F.R. 75.1502 - Mine emergency evacuation and firefighting program of instruction.
30 C.F.R. 75.1504 - Mine emergency evacuation training and drills.
30 C.F.R. 75.1505 - Escapeway maps.
30 C.F.R. 75.1714-3 - Self-rescue devices; inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, and recordkeeping.
30 C.F.R. 75.1714-5 - Map locations of self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs).
30 C.F.R. 75.1714-8 - Reporting SCSR inventory and malfunctions; retention of SCSRs.

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