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E&E (Escape and Evacuation)

This is not a contest but more of a test. At the end of a safety meeting, Select teams and bring one team at a time to the front of the group and have a large mine map displayed. Each team is told that they are on their section when a fire breaks out in the mine. A second map is unrolled over the other but this one shows the areas where fire and smoke are present, stoppings are down, and areas with roof falls. Each team is instructed to find the best escape route out of the mine and the steps they need to take to escape. Since it is easy to get hung up on the word "escapeway" this exercise is directed to getting miners to focus on getting to good air and out of the mine especially if the designated "escapeway" is compromised. The team judged to have the best escape plan wins. This program was used back in the 1990's before the Sago and Aracoma Alma Mine disasters. Problem solving tests and practice can definitely help direct the thinking and actions during actual emergencies.