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Football Game

Teams competing against each other to score points for safety can be a very effective program. Split up the crews into teams. Twice each week, a referee, (Shift foreman, safety director, superintendent, or other manager) visits each section and observes. The scoring can be set up in many ways. Examples may be:
  • A state or federal inspection with no citations ..... 10 yard gain
  • Entry accepted in slogan contest ..... 5 yard gain
  • Winning slogan of the month contest ..... 10 yard gain
  • Weekly top producer without accident or citation ..... 10 yard gain
  • Week with no crewmember missing work ..... 5 yard gain
  • A week with no reportable accidents ..... 45 bonus yards
  • Team member not wearing PPE ..... 15 yard penalty
  • Team member not locking/tagging out ..... 15 yard penalty
A large board painted to look like a football field and containing game pieces of all of the teams' logos is set up in a common area. The pieces are advanced or reversed depending on the results of the referee's observations. The gains or penalties can be adapted at each mine to emphasize problems or conditions that the mine feels needs improvement.

Note: The games can also be changed seasonally. Baseball, basketball, golf, or hunting games may be used. Even NASCAR races, where laps are awarded rather than points, can prompt interest.