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Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by:
Ben J. Caplan, Safety/Environmental Manager
ILC Resources

Most companies are trying to do more work with fewer employees. I knew that the employees were trained on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)and Task Trained, but did they know where the safety equipment and other safety items were located in other parts or areas of the plant when they were temporarily reassigned to different work areas.

In order to remind and familiarize the employees with safety issues at ILC Resources. I thought that I would try something new that would also be a little fun, a Safety Scavenger Hunt. Not only was this plan to make the employees find the safety items described, but to also work as a team on a safety project. After breaking the employees into 3 teams I instructed the employees not to enter working mine areas such as the pit and crusher and to stay away from all mobile equipment in operation to stay with their group and NO HORSEPLAY! I had a team leader that wrote down the information and a time keeper that kept track of the time. I wandered around checking on the teams during the Scavenger Hunt. At the end of the hunt everyone discussed where everything was, what was missed, and what they had learned. I even learned something, a couple areas were brought up that could use fire extinguishers were mentioned afterwards and new extinguishers will be placed there Monday. Almost all the employees said that they learned something new at the conclusion of the scavenger hunt.

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MSHA note: This contest can easily be adapted for use in underground mines. Teams (Crews) can be assigned tasks like finding primary and secondary escapeways, SCSR caches, first aid kits, and firefighting equipment, including extinguishers, fire hoses, water supply standpipes, etc. The teams could be supplied with a map to record the safety items and locations.