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Sago Mine Information Single Source Page

Sago Mine Information Single Source Page

This Page Last Updated: 12/07/2007
Army Corps of Engineers Report Added

We are providing you with this single source page of information and resources regarding the Sago Mine Explosion which occurred on January 2, 2006. We will be adding material to this page as it becomes available. New additions will be noted and an indication that the page was updated will be posted on the home page as well.

MEDIA CONTACT INFORMATION: Call Office of Public Affairs - 202-693-4676.

CFD Study Added 12/07/2007
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Draft Report: CFD Study and Structural Analysis of the Sago Mine Accident
Internal Review Added 06/28/2007
    Internal Review of MSHA's Actions at the Sago Mine, Wolf Run Mining Company, Sago, Upshur County, West Virginia
Accident Investigation Report Added 05/09/2007
    Report Of Investigation - Fatal Underground Coal Mine Explosion - January 2, 2006 - Sago Mine, Wolf Run Mining Company - Tallmansville, Upshur County, West Virginia - ID No. 46-08791
News Release Added 05/09/2007
    U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration pursues new regulations on sealed areas based on findings of its Sago Mine accident investigation
News Release Added 08/03/2006
    MSHA to Digitally Reconstruct Sago Mine to Help Determine Explosive Forces Causing the Jan. 2 Disaster
Transcripts of interviews Added 05/03/2006
    Transcripts of interviews by Federal and state investigators of miners, mine rescue personnel, mine managers, and state and Federal officials who were involved with the rescue and recovery efforts at Sago Mine.
Public Hearing Single Source Page Added 05/02/2006
    On May 2, 2006, MSHA and the state of West Virginia held Joint Public Hearings on the Sago Mine Disaster Investigation. This will be your single source page for materials related to those hearings.
News Release Added 03/01/2006
    MSHA and West Virginia Announce Dates of Joint Public Hearings on Sago Mine Disaster Investigation
Fatalgram Added 02/03/2006
    The Fatalgram for this accident is now available.
Congressional Testimony - January 23, 2006 Added 01/31/2006
    Statement of David G. Dye Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor For Mine Safety and Health Before the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Committee on Appropriations United States Senate - January 23, 2006.
Underground Mine Rescue Equipment and Technology; Proposed Rule
(Request for Information)
Added 01/25/2006
    The Mine Safety and Health Administration is requesting data, comments, and other information on issues relevant to underground mine rescue equipment and technology. Over the last several years, improvements have been made to communication devices, sensors and other forms of technology in general industry. As such, continuous development and deployment of mine rescue equipment and technology are crucial to enhancing the effectiveness of mine rescue operations and improving miners' survivability in the event of a mine emergency. Responses to this request for information will assist the Agency in determining an appropriate course of action as necessary to improve mine rescue capabilities.

         See Proposed Rule
Sago Miners Memorial Remarks - by Homer Hickam January 15, 2006 Added 01/18/2006
    "Homer Hickam was born in Coalwood, WV, to a coal miner and his wife. A noted author and retired aerospace engineer, Hickam is best known for his memoir Rocket Boys, which was made into the 1999 movie "October Sky." The book and movie portrayed his life in Coalwood and his journey toward the stars."

Temporary FOIA Reading Room Content added 02/16/2006
    Because of the large volume of requests for public information regarding the Sago Mine, the Mine Safety and Health Administration has decided in response to this overwhelming request for public information to begin a process of scanning and reviewing the most frequently sought documents related to the mine.
Previous Postings on the Sago Mine Accident
    This page is a repository for previously posted statements and/or news releases on the Sago Mine explosion.
PowerPoint® Presentation on Sago Mine Accident
Questions and Answers (Q&A's) on the Sago Mine Accident
General Discussions
The Mine Act
    This link will take you to the section of the act regarding Inspections, Investigations, and Record keeping.
Glossary of Mining Terms
    This information is provided courtesy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Data Retrieval System
    For more detailed information on this mine, please use this feature and search by Mine ID.
    The mine ID to enter for this mine is 4608791. There are reports on inspections, violations and more.
An Outreach from the Office of Assessments
    The Office of Assessments has developed a PowerPoint presentation that explains MSHA's assessments process. Use the links provided below.

  • PDF Version
  • Power Point Presentation
Citations and Orders - An Explanation
For general mining statistics, please use this link.
    This page is a gateway to various web pages containing information on current and past mining statistics, to include fatality charts, Mine Accident, Injury, Illness, Employment and Coal Production Statistics, and more.
Mine Rescue Robot

MEO Overview
    A PDF version of an overview to MSHA's Mine Emergency Operations

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