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This sign could save your life.
Pay Attention!
Stay Out Stay Alive

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Coal District 1

MSHA Mine Inspector Ralph Bennett teamed up with local mine operators to bring the Stay Out'stay Alive message to nearly 5,000 Pennsylvania students during a series of 20 presentations. The presentations included a discussion about quarries and mines; their reasons for existence, a description of mine hazards, PPE, and training requirements, and MSHA's role in compliance. The program also included a Stay Out/ Stay Alive presentation and a discussion on how people are fatally injured at quarries and mines, and why it is important to stay away. Students pledged an oath to "Stay Out" of mines and quarries.
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MSHA's District 1 office also sponsored a Stay Out'stay Alive poster contest that included students from 3rd, 5th-8th, 11th and 12th grades from the Nativity BVM High School, Riverside Elementary West in Taylor, Saint Jerome School in Tamaqua, Hanover Area School District in Wilkes-Barre, and Old Forge Elementary in Old Forge .

Poster Contest - Grade 3 Posters

- Grades 5-8 Posters

- Grades 11-12 Posters
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