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Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Near Misses
Incidents that could have resulted in a fatality, but did not.

FOX TV in Duluth, MN
June 3, 2009
Teen injured in fall at West Duluth quarry

A 15-year-old Duluth boy suffered serious injuries after falling in a West Duluth rock quarry.

The victim was climbing down rocks in the abandoned quarry when he fell, according to a friend who was climbing with Greene.

Duluth Fire Department Capt. Dennis Edwards said officials were not sure how far the teen fell, but said he suffered "severe trauma" from the fall. The victim was reported to be in fair condition at a Duluth hospital.

Edwards said there are a handful of rescue calls to the quarry each year. He said rope rescues like the one Wednesday afternoon are something the fire department trains for every month - including, sometimes, at the same quarry.

Duluth Fire Capt. Dan Lattner said rope rescues may not be the most dangerous tasks firefighters face, but "it's probably one of the easier areas to make a mistake, though, and a mistake can be very costly.

"Obviously, falls are the biggest concern, which is what caused the initial incident, and is one of our biggest concerns as rescuers, especially in an area like that, where it's very unstable ground, lots of loose rock, lots of loose dirt. It's very easy for someone to trip and fall or slip and fall," Lattner said.

The teen's injuries could have been worse had someone not been there to keep him from falling farther.

"Living in a place like Duluth, we should appreciate people that will do things like that, because that man probably saved this young man's life," Edwards said.

Source: The Duluth News Tribune and FOX TV in Duluth, MN