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Mine Hazard Awareness Campaign

"Near Miss" Incident Information File

A 17-year-old youth who swam across the North Quarry in Portland, Conn., was too exhausted to swim back and had to be rescued by firefighters. The youth was safely retrieved -- and then issued a $75 ticket by police for violating a town ordinance by swimming in the quarry. Fire Chief Scott Currier estimated that 25 firefighters, ambulance personnel, and police responded to the call for help. Police said the boy was one of a group of youths who were "hanging out" when they decided to go swimming in the North Quarry after dark. The youth apparently decided to go his friends one better and swam across to the outcropping of land that juts out from the east side of the quarry. But once there, he was too tired to swim back, and so he grabbed ahold of a rock and told his friends to call rescuers. Currier said he hoped people who are inclined to take a dip in the quarry realize from this incident that swimming is illegal because it is dangerous, to both the swimmers and their rescuers. Firefighters respond to similar calls perhaps two or three times in an average year. (Source: Middletown Press)