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Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Stay Out! Stay Alive!
Near Misses
Incidents that could have resulted in a fatality, but did not.


Four Year-Old Boy Wanders Off to Gravel Pit --- Again!

For the second time in a week, a four-year-old Windsor boy wandered from home only to be found safe.

On Thursday afternoon, the little boy wandered three-quarters of a mile where he was spotted by employees in a gravel pit riding his electric tractor. Gravel pit employees immediately called the police. Police and the boy's parents arrived on the scene almost at the same time. The youth was not hurt although he was getting dangerously close to gravel pit equipment, according to the police report.

Four days earlier, he wandered two miles from home and was found in an area west of Laku Lake near the Poudre River�not far from the gravel pit.

Both incidents are still under investigation.

Windsor Police Chief John Michaels said he will send reports of both incidents to Weld County Social Services. In addition, Michaels said his department is reviewing the incidents with a district attorney's office.

(Source: The Greeley Tribune and the Coloradoan)