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Stay Out Stay Alive Fatal Accident Summaries
for 2005


Man drowns in quarry
Published Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Globe News Editor

MELLEN, Wis. -- A 25-year-old Mellen man drowned in the Cold Springs quarry near town early Tuesday morning.

Neal R. Turney, 25, slipped and fell into the spring-fed Cold Springs quarry. Divers later discovered his body in 26 feet of water, according to Ashland County Sheriff John Kovach.

Kovach said Turney, who couldn�t swim, was "fooling around," holding a female companion near the edge of the quarry, when both fell in. A third person at the scene, Adam Waddle, helped the female to safety after she swam near shore, but it was dark and Turney couldn't be found. "They were standing near the edge when both went in. There was a sheer drop there," Kovach said.

As Waddle pulled the female companion out of the water, the two heard Turney yell for help, but it was "jet black" dark and they couldn't locate Turney, the sheriff said.

Kovach said the quarry is used as a swimming hole, but there are several safety issues. "There are studs from drilling and rocks sticking out all over," he said, adding that there has been no drowning there until now.

A tri-county dive team was called out around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday and four divers were in the water when the body was found later, Kovach said. The dive team is made up of Ashland, Price and Iron County divers.

In addition to the sheriff's department, Mellen police, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel also responded. The Department of Natural Resources also assisted. (Source: Ironwood Daily Globe)