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Stay Out Stay Alive Fatal Accident Summaries
for 2005


Teen falls to his death in Sulphur Springs

A House Springs, Mo., man died after a group of young adults trespassed on quarry property in Sulphur Springs to go swimming in a retention pond. Daniel Hanlon, 19, reportedly among was jumping from one bluff overlooking the lake to another. According to witnesses, Hanlon lost his footing and fell from the bluff, striking his head on a rock before landing in the water. Witnesses began searching for Hanlon when he didn't surface and contacted the sheriff's office after they couldn't find him. His body was recovered near the base of the bluffs.

According to MSHA officials, the abandoned mine has an old road track the youths used to enter the quarry area. They apparently had brought with them a large cooler of beer. The mine has the area posted as off limits to the public, and just one week prior to the drowning police caught another group of kids trespassing onto the property. (Sources: Meramec Journal and MSHA)