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Stay Out Stay Alive Fatal Accident Summaries
for 2009

July 2, 2009

A 20 year-old Marine from North Carolina drowned while swimming with friends at what was Lanier's Quarry in Maple Hill said Capt. Jamie Ezzell with the Pender County Sheriff's Department said.

"Apparently he had gone under the water and never came back up so they tried to dive for him and couldn't find him," Ezzell said of the Saturday evening incident.

Pender Emergency Medical Services arrived with rescue divers who found the victim in 20 feet of water 15 feet from shore.

Despite the quarry's abandonment, Ezzell said it's common to find people swimming there when it's hot since there is not a gate or sign stating that it is private property.

"They have to understand that these quarries are very dangerous. Of course there's no life guards and these quarry holes can be extremely deep a lot of them are deeper than the rivers and things around here. Some of these quarries, there are objects in there," he said, explaining that stolen cars have been pulled from Lanier's Quarry in the past. "There's no telling what is in these quarries that they're swimming in, they can be dangerous. But people, they do whatever they can."

Source: ENC Today' Jacksonville, NC