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Accident Information File

Warrick County authorities recovered the body of a Chandler, Ind., man who drowned the day before in a stripper pit north of Chandler. According to a witness, the 21-year-old victim was drinking and partying with friends near the stripper pit, located on Peabody Coal property, when he and a friend reportedly decided to swim across the lake. Only the friend made it across the lake. According to one witness, "they were swimming right beside each other the whole time, then [he]went under; there was no struggle or anything - one second, you could hear him swimming, and the next second, you couldn't." Authorities searched the lake, which is about a mile long and 125 feet wide, all day without success. They returned the next morning to find that the victim's body had surfaced during the night. (Source: Evansville Courier & Press)