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Accident Information File

A 23-year-old Schenectady, N.Y., man cooling off during an afternoon swim with friends drowned in the bottom of a stone quarry in Glenville. The victim was about 50 feet from shore when he began struggling while swimming in the water-filled quarry. "A couple of his friends tried to get to him when they saw he was having a hard time, and nerly pulled one of them down with him before disappearing under the surface," said a police official. The first police officers on the scene dove into the water to try to locate the man, but they could not reach him. Authorities eventually used a pole to hook the man's shorts and pull him to the surface. He was transported to Ellis Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. The quarry is a magnet for summertime swimmers, though it is off-limits to the public. Officers frequently chase trespassers out of the quarry, according to authorities. (Source: Albany Times-Union)