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Accident Information File

The body of a 43-year-old Sioux Falls, S.D., man was found at an abandoned gravel pit in the eastern part of the state. An autopsy was performed, but the cause of death hasn't been determined. So far, foul play has not been indicated, the Minnehaha County Sheriff's office said in a statement. "The only unusual thing is the fact that it's in such a remote location," Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead said. The site of the death was near Corson, northeast of Sioux Falls. (Source: Rapid City Journal)

UPDATE (11/26/04): The cause of death for a Sioux Falls man found in an abandoned gravel pit has been ruled undetermined, according to the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department. Foul play has been ruled out. The 43-year-old victim may have died of exposure or natural causes, said Sheriff Mike Milstead. A hunter discovered the man's body on Oct. 22 in a weeded area northeast of Corson about a quarter-mile from any driven road. No one knows why he was there. ''It's obvious he had walked where he was (found),'' Milstead said. ''There was no vehicle or vehicle tracks to indicate he was dumped off. It's apparent he died at that location.'' (Source: The Associated Press)