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Safety Defects; Examination, Correction and Records

30 CFR 56.14100 and 57.14100

30 CFR 77.1606(a)


(d) Defects on self-propelled mobile equipment affecting safety, which are not corrected immediately, shall be reported to and recorded by the mine operator. The records shall be kept at the mine or nearest mine office from the date the defects are recorded, until the defects are corrected.  Such records shall be made available for inspection by an authorized representative of the Secretary.

MSHA policy can be found here: 56.14100



Mobile loading and haulage equipment shall be inspected by a competent person before such equipment is placed in operation.  Equipment defects affecting safety shall be recorded and reported to the mine operator.

MSHA policy can be found here: 77.1606


These standards apply to the reporting and recording of safety defects on self-propelled mobile equipment (metal and nonmetal and coal) and haulage equipment (coal).


Issues to Consider in Determining Compliance:

        Did the defect affect safety?

»      Was the safety defect on self-propelled mobile equipment (metal and nonmetal and coal)?

»      Was the safety defect on haulage equipment (coal)?

        Was the defect reported to the mine operator?

        Was the defect corrected immediately?

        If not corrected immediately, was the defect recorded?

»      Does the record describe the defect?

»      Was a record maintained until the defect was corrected?

»      Was the record maintained at the mine or mine office?


Other issues covered by related standards:

        Was the equipment inspected before it was placed into service?

(56/57.14100(a) and 77.1606(a) - equipment inspection prior to operation)