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Correction of  Hazardous Conditions 

30 CFR 56.3200, 57.3200, 77.1004, and 75.202


30 CFR §56/57.3200 Correction of hazardous conditions
Ground conditions that create a hazard to persons shall be taken down or supported before other work or travel is permitted in the affected area.  Until corrective work is completed, the area shall be posted with a warning against entry and, when left unattended, a barrier shall be installed to impede unauthorized entry.


This standard requires that hazardous ground conditions be taken down or supported before work or travel is permitted in the affected area.  Until the hazardous conditions are corrected, the area must have a warning posted against entry and, if unattended, a barrier must be installed to prevent unauthorized entry into the area.


MSHA policy can be found here: 56/57.3200


30 CFR § 77.1004 Ground control; inspection and maintenance; general.
(a) Highwalls, banks, benches, and terrain sloping into the working areas shall be examined after every rain, freeze, or thaw before men work in such areas, and such examination shall be made and recorded in accordance with §77.1713.

(b) Overhanging highwalls and banks shall be taken down and other unsafe ground conditions shall be corrected promptly, or the area shall be posted.


MSHA policy can be found here: 77.1004


30 CFR § 75.202 Protection from falls of roof, face and ribs.
(a) The roof, face and ribs of areas where persons work or travel shall be supported or otherwise controlled to protect persons from hazards related to falls of the roof, face or ribs and coal or rock bursts.

(b) No person shall work or travel under unsupported roof unless in accordance with this subpart.


There is no MSHA policy for this standard.


Other relevant MSHA standards:

56.3201 and 57.3201 Location for performing scaling

56.3202 and 57.3202 Scaling tools

77.1001 Stripping; loose material.

77.1002 Box cuts; spoil material placement.
77.1005 Scaling highwalls; general.

77.1006 Highwalls; men working.


Issues to Consider in Determining Compliance:

        Is there a hazardous ground condition?

»      Do persons work or travel in the area of the hazardous condition?

        Is the affected area posted with a warning against entry?

        If the affected area is unattended, is a barricade installed to prevent unauthorized entry?