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Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center Pittsburgh Safety and Health
Technology Center

Dust Division
Melanie Calhoun, Chief
Telephone: (412) 386-5337
FAX: (412) 386-6971
MISSION: Provide engineering and technical assistance to the mining industry for the control and abatement of solid particulates present in the mining environment.
Gather, compile, and analyze information regarding concentrations of respirable dust, free silica, trace metals, and related substances, and identify health hazards that may result from overexposure.
Develop procedures and formulate precautions to be taken to minimize the degree and extent of hazards.
Receive and analyze respirable dust samples collected by mine operators as required by Section 202(a) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977.
Provide assistance in reducing exposure to environmental dusts.

Environmental Assessment and Contaminants Branch
Deborah Tomko , Chief
(412) 386-6009

Instrumentation and Analytical Branch
Matthew Fenlock, Chief
(412) 386-6499

Laboratory Quality Control
Joyce L. Swank, Coordinator
(412) 386-4610

Weighing Branch
Joseph Robinson
(412) 386-6979

Staff Engineer
Mark J. Schultz, P.E.
(412) 386-6807

An AIHA Industial Hygiene
Accredited Laboratory

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Information, Links, and Publications

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  • Practical Ways to Reduce Exposure to Coal Dust in Longwall Mining
  • Practical Ways to Reduce Diesel Exhaust in Mining
  • MSHA Method P2: X-ray Diffraction Determination of Quartz and Cristobalite in Respirable Mine Dust
  • MSHA Method P7: Infrared Determination of Quartz in Respirable Coal Mine Dust