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Mine Waste and Geotechnical Engineering Division
Stanley Michalek
Telephone: (412) 386-6974
FAX: (412) 386-4852
MISSION: The Division provides technical assistance and engineering services to evaluate and solve problems in the coal and metal/nonmetal mining industries involving the fields of civil and mining engineering. Areas of Division expertise are geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, dam safety, hydrology, fluid mechanics, materials science, mining under or near bodies of water, and haulage.

The Division reviews, evaluates, and recommends actions to be taken in connection with the handling and disposal of mine waste and the construction of refuse piles, waste dams, tailings embankments, impoundments, water dams, and sediment control dams.

Other specific issues the Division is equipped to deal with include slope stability (including surface mine highwalls and open pit slopes); foundations; soil and rock mechanics; rock falls; retaining walls; bulkhead design and construction; mine structure design and condition assessment; haul road design and layout; safety berms; stock piles and surge piles; subsidence; shaft sinking; tunneling; surface and underground flooding; demolition; and surveying.

Services provided by the Division include field and accident investigations; in-depth review of engineering designs and plans; expert witness testimony; and training.
BRANCHES: Geotechnical Engineering Branch
J. Jarrod Durig, P.E., Chief
(412) 386 - 6515

Hydrology Analysis and Computer Applications Branch
Darren Blank, P.E., Chief
(412) 386 - 6997

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