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Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center

National Air and Dust Laboratory Division
Terry G. Montgomery, Chief

Telephone: 304-877-3900
FAX: 304-877-3927
Remote Location: Mount Hope, WV

NADL is responsible for the analysis of air and gas samples collected during routine MSHA inspections and special investigations conducted in coal and metal/nonmetal mines, and during laboratory and field studies pertinent to the health and safety of workers in the mining industry.  The analysis of coal mine dust is performed to determine the total incombustible content (TIC), the presence and/or degree of coking, the amount of float dust, and the silica content.  The majority of samples submitted for analysis are collected by MSHA inspectors during mine inspections, in accordance with the mandatory safety and health requirements established by the Federal Mine safety and Health Act of 1977, and in other investigations of hazards from toxic or explosive gases and combustible mine dust.  The laboratory provides technical assistance, consultation, and guidance to MSHA, the mining industry, and other federal and state government agencies.

The NADL provides expert advice on the use of rock dust in underground coal mines to prevent or mitigate explosions by conducting of field and laboratory studies.   Division personnel remain abreast of the latest developments in the area of fire and explosion prevention research and provide assistance at mine sites during mine emergency operations.


Day Shift Branch
Joseph L. Robertson, Chief
304-877-3900 ext. 169

Night Shift Branch
Okey L. Groves, Chief
304-877-3900 ext. 168