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Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center Pittsburgh Safety and Health
Technology Center

Roof Control Division
Joseph A. Cybulski, P.E., Chief
Telephone: (412) 386-6920
FAX: (412) 386-6911
Remote Location: Triadelphia, W.VA.
Telephone: (304) 547-2312
FAX: (304) 547-2331
MISSION: Provide engineering and geological technical services concerning the evaluation of ground support systems, mine design, and actual ground conditions at underground mining operations.
Maintain specialized laboratories for the testing of ground support products and for the forecasting of the potential for ground control problems through remote sensing analyses.
Monitor the applications of automated-temporary-roof support (ATRS) systems, cabs, and canopies to mining equipment.
BRANCHES: Roof Control Application/Problem Investigation Branch
Michael Gauna, Mining Engineer
(304) 547-2311

Roof Support Systems Branch
William J. Gray, Mining Engineer
(412) 386-6787

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Mine Photo

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