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Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center Pittsburgh Safety and Health
Technology Center

Ventilation Division
Richard T. Stoltz, Chief
Telephone: (412) 386-6953
FAX: (412) 386-6851
Remote Location: Triadelphia, W.VA.
Telephone: (304) 547-2320
FAX: (304) 547-2021
MISSION: Conduct field evaluations of plant and mine ventilation systems.
Develop digital and laboratory simulations to analyze ventilation systems.
Monitor the mine atmosphere during mine rescue and recovery operations.
Advise Command Center for a mine emergency of the mine atmosphere explosibility, withdrawal limits for rescue/recovery personnel, effectiveness of the firefighting activities, and status of a mine fire.
Investigate the causes and means to prevent future accidents, including mine fires and explosions.
Train mining industry personnel in plant and mine ventilation, gas detection, and prevention and control of fires and explosions.
BRANCHES: Mine Ventilation and Emergency Services Branch
Thomas Morley, Chief
(304) 547-2317

Face Ventilation and Special Scientific
Investigations Branch

Mark Schroeder, Chief
(412) 386-6952
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