MSHA - Directorate of Technical Support A Troubleshooting Guide for
Roof Support Systems

Over the last 20 years, roof support technology has made numerous advances since the original wedge and slotted bolts of the 1950's. By comparison, the roof supports used today are more complex and specialized than the supports used in the past, providing mines with a varied selection of supports from which to choose. As a result, when problems with supports are encountered, it is more difficult to determine whether it is the result of geological changes, poor installation practices, or malfunctioning supports. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide a logical sequence to resolving the most common problems encountered with roof supports.

The information contained in this program was originally published as MSHA IR 1237.  

The authors are Raymond A. Mazzoni, George J. Karabin, and Joseph A. Cybulski.



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