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Nanticoke Miner's Monument

Tribute to Strength

Nanticoke, Pa. Miners Memorial      NANTICOKE - Silent, stoic, humble, a lone coal miner stands overlooking East Main Street.

Cast in bronze, unable to utter a sound, the dignified figure cries out the story of men who, in merely trying to put food on their families' tables, helped industrialize a nation, often at the expense of their health and their lives.

The bronze figure also trumpets the respect and appreciation a community has for these men - its ancestors - and its pride in the legacy the men created.

Led by the daughter of a coal miner, people in Nanticoke and beyond rallied to raise money to pay for the $38,000 statue created by Ohio sculptor Alan Cottrill.

Lifelong city resident Alma Berlot started the project after touring a coal mine in Scranton and seeing the horrible conditions in which men such as her father worked.

"They are our heroes. They are our legacy. And they are our heritage."

     Excerpts from an article written by Steve Mocarsky and published in the Times Leader.