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Sand, Gravel, And Crushed Stone On-the-job Training Modules - IG-40

These training modules were developed cooperatively by MSHA and members of the sand, gravel, and crushed stone industry. We gratefully acknowledge the valuable contributions of Gifford-Hill and Company, Inc., National Gypsum Company, National Stone Association, The Spline Education Center, Martin-Marrietta Corp., W. W. Boxley Co.,and others, to this Instruction Guide.

Copies of this Instruction Guide, and others in this series, may be ordered by calling, or writing: or by contacting your local MSHA office.

This Instruction Guide is designed to supplement existing health and safety training programs. The material is not intended to cover all specific jobs at any given operation. Other modules may be added, and existing modules revised, in future printings of this Instruction Guide.

Individual modules in this Instruction Guide are designed to be used separately. The modules can be kept together in a three ring binder when not in use. General information and training recommendations are included at the end of each module.

The information and recommendations contained in this publication have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable, and to represent the best current opinion on the subject matter. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by MSHA as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any representation contained in this publication, and MSHA assumes no responsibility in connection therewith. Nor can it be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are contained in this publication, or that other, or additional, measures may not be required under particular, or exceptional circumstances.

We are offering this Instruction Guide in two formats, Wordperfect 8.0 and PDF. You may download either version. The Wordperfect version is the complete Instruction Guide. The PDF version is both the entire Instruction Guide and individual modules from the Instruction Guide.

Separate Modules of IG-40
Module 1 "Starting the Plant"
Module 2 "Plant Clean-up"
Module 3 "Plant Shutdown"
Module 4 "Plant Operation"
Module 5 "Maintaining Conveyor Systems"
Module 6 "Plant Repair"
Module 7 "Welding and Cutting"
Module 8 "Equipment Lock-Out Procedures"
Module 9 "Electrical Procedures for Non-Electricians"
Module 10 "Truck Haulage"
Module 11 "Ground Control"
Module 12 "Inspecting and Replacing Cables (Wire Ropes)"
Module 13 "Replacing the Drive Chain or Belt on a Screw Conveyor"
Module 14 "Manual Handling of Materials"
Module 15 "Using an Overhead Hoist to Lift or Handle Parts or Materials"
Module 16 "Handling Material with a Shop Overhead Traveling Crane"
Module 17 "Primary Crushing Operation"
Module 18 "Operating Drilling Equipment"
Module 19 "Transportation, Use, and Storage of Explosives"