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 1. Haul Roads
 2. Berms
 3. Signs
 4. Dumping

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    These illustrations show
    good practice.You should
    always be on level
    ground.This keeps the center
    of gravity over the rear
    wheels, and any stuck
    material in the bed will
    usually slide out. It’s even
    better if you’re uphill two or
    three degrees. The center of
    gravity moves forward, but it
    affects the angle for material
    sliding out of the bed very
    slightly. You never want to
    dump a load when going
    downhill, because that moves
    the center of gravity back. If
    you have any stuck or frozen
    material in the top of this
    bed, it will just flip the
truck backwards. Also, if dumping downhill, you may have water buildup in front of the berm which will affect the stability of the ground. Looking from the front, it should always be level. You never want to dump on a sidehill or slope. You also have to watch out for soft ground, where one side may sink in.
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