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 1. Haul Roads
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These areas have to be inspected.
MSHA regulations for metal and
nonmetal mines require that the
dumping area be inspected prior to
work commencing and as ground
conditions warrant. It is good
practice to inspect the area every
time a vehicle dumps there. Who
does the inspecting? It could be the
truck drivers. It could be the
foreman. It could be the dozer
operator or loader operator. The
inspector should be someone who
has the ability to understand and to
determine if it’s safe or not. With
these truck drivers approaching this
dump site from this direction, they
would be able to inspect this site

themselves. Remember, the drivers usually look out the left side window. In this case, they can see the ground about 16 feet away out the left window. With these trucks approaching the dump site in a clockwise direction, they can see out the left side of their truck to examine the area they will be backing into. If they approached this dump site from a counterclockwise motion, it would be over 100 feet away that they could see the ground out the right side of their truck, and they would not be able to inspect this area adequately.
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