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    Another danger of dumping
    around mine sites is that the
    beds of trucks or the buckets of
    front-end loaders or cranes
    or similar equipment could
    contact high-voltage power
    lines. Truck drivers and loader
    operators need to be trained on
    what to do in this situation.
    Many times the most obvious
    thing is overlooked. They
    should just try to lower the bed
    or lower the bucket out of the
    power lines. Many times they
    can’t. Sometimes the line
    breaks and falls across the
    vehicle or it fuses to the
    vehicle because of the high
    voltage. If that is the case, the
    truck driver or loader operator
should stay in the vehicle. That is the safest place for that person to be. Electricity is traveling from the high voltage line down through the truck, through the tires, into the ground, and trying to get back to the voltage lines. It’s trying to complete that circuit. So if a person climbed out of a vehicle and contacted the ground and the truck at the same time, he/she becomes a path to ground. Electricity would flow through the person trying to get to the ground and to complete the circuit. That’s why the truck driver or equipment operator needs to stay in the vehicle. The only time you should get out of the truck is if it catches on fire. That’s when you should jump. By jumping you will not be making contact with the ground and the truck at the same time. Make sure when you jump, that you jump far enough away from the vehicle that you won’t make contact with it, or won’t fall back into it. Be sure you’re not going to land on any live wires that may have broken and fallen down. Also make sure you land on your feet, not on hands and feet. There could be dangerous voltage potentials across a few feet of ground. If your hands and feet are on the ground an electrical current could flow through the heart.
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