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 1. Haul Roads
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    There is a traffic control sign
    for this condition (a yield
    sign in the background). But
    there will be two trucks, both
    of them loaded and traveling
    uphill in the same direction.
    The problem with this yield
    sign is with two paths (two
    roads) and trucks pulling up,
    which one’s going to yield to
    which side? The
    interpretation has been left up
    to the drivers and that’s not
    what should be done. A sign
    is needed that everybody
    understands and interprets the
    same way. If the right side
    should yield to the left side, a
    sign is needed that tells that,
or some other means of communicating that intention. Don’t leave the interpretation of the traffic pattern up to the drivers. Also, many companies have rules that “loaded trucks have right-of-way.” Such rules don’t work in this case because both trucks are loaded. And being accustomed to having the right-of-way when loaded, if neither one yields, an accident would occur.
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