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Principles of Adult Learning:

 Tips for Trainers


It is very important to understand and integrate the principles of adult learning in training the nation's miners. In order to implement more effective and efficient methods, attention must be given to the miner population itself, and how it is that these individuals learn and respond to information. This includes, not only specific information on how adults learn, but also more recent research on the most effective teaching methods for different age groups.

The mining population is evolving.

Traditional training is less and less effective for today's miners.

Training should be headed in new directions.

For information and tips on Adult Learning, follow these links:

Reference:  Kowalski, K.M. and C. Vaught.  2002.  Principles of adult learning: Application for mine trainers.  NIOSH Information Circular 9463, pp. 3-8.

For additional information contact:
Dr. Kathleen M. Kowalski-Trakofler, 412-386-4531,
Dr. Charles Vaught, 412-386-6830,