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Making Part 48 Work for you . . .


This guide is to help you conduct effective Part 48 training.  Part 48 is designed to allow you to develop appropriate training that meets your mine specific training needs.  This guide identifies existing policies and procedures for Part 48 that highlights the flexibility of the rule. 


Additional information is also included that will assist you develop and enhance your health and safety training program.


Flexibility in Part 48


        Can I use a technical expert during training who is not an MSHA approved instructor?


     Yes.  As an approved instructor, you may sometimes find it useful to bring in a technical expert.  Even though these people may not be MSHA approved instructors, they can be utilized as long as the approved instructor is present when the instruction is provided.


        Is there flexibility in covering a variety of topics without modifying the training plan?


     Yes.  Part 48 lists a number of courses, which must be covered.  These courses can cover a variety of topics without the need to modify the training plan. 


For example, in Annual refresher training there is a course entitled Prevention of Accidents.  The regulation states; The course shall include a review of accidents and causes of accidents, and instruction in accident prevention in the work environment. 


Within this course, a variety of topics could be covered including, for example:


- General accident trends,

- Accidents related to specific equipment or tasks or

- Steps to take to reduce the likelihood of an accident. 


In other words, there are a variety of topics which can be covered under existing courses listed in Part 48, making it possible to make changes to the content of your training, without requiring a formal training plan modification.  Whatever topics are covered, the training emphasis should be relevant to the safety and health circumstances at the mine so that the miners get the training they need. 


Remember, you can cover additional relevant health or safety topics not listed in the rule.


        What is the difference between a course and session?


     The rule states that the training plan must include the total number of instruction hours for each course, and the predicted time and length of each session of training for annual refresher training.  A course is any one of the 12 underground or 11 surface courses listed in the rule, and a session of training refers to how long a single training event lasts. 


For example, a training plan lists 1-hour for a First Aid course and 2-hours for a Prevention of Accidents course conducted in 1-hour sessions.  The instructor chooses to conduct hour of First aid and hour of Prevention of Accidents training in a single 1-hour session.  This meets the session criteria listed in the training plan.  After this training, hour of First Aid and 1- hours of Prevention of Accidents remain. 


        Can I express time as a range?


         Yes.  To provide flexibility in developing an Annual refresher training program, we allow the time spent on each course to be expressed as a range of time, instead of a specific amount of time.  If a range of time is listed on a training plan, the maximum time must be equal to or exceed the 8-hour Annual refresher training requirement.  In order to take advantage of the flexibility, the maximum number of hours listed in the training plan should total more than 8, allowing for flexibility in the amount of time spent on the courses.


         Remember:  In all cases a miner must receive no less than 8-hours of annual refresher training.


        Can I combine several courses?


     Yes.  While it seems logical to conduct training course-by-course, it may sometimes make for more effective training to combine several courses. 


For example, in annual refresher training there are requirements to conduct training in the Prevention of accidents and Electrical hazards. The course description for the Prevention of accidents describes a review of accidents and causes of accidents, and instruction in accident prevention in the work environment.  These two courses could be combined to discuss specific electrical accidents and ways to prevent these types of accidents; including a review of the companys policy for working around electricity.


We encourage instructors to review their material and combine courses as applicable to make their training more effective and relevant.

        Do I need to cover all the courses listed in the rule?


     No.  In developing your training plan and program, remember you do not need to include courses that are not applicable to your operation.  For example, if explosives are not used at your mine site, you are not required to include the course Explosives in your training plan or cover it in your training.


Training Plan Revisions


        What do I need to do if I update my instructor list?


     If changes are made to the list of MSHA approved instructors, they are not required to be submitted to MSHA for approval, provided that the list of approved instructors is maintained with the approved plan at the mine and is made available for MSHA inspection and examination by the miners and their representatives.


        Do I need to submit a new training plan if there is a change in ownership?


     If there is a change in mine ownership and conditions and procedures do not change, the new operator may continue to utilize the current plan with appropriate administrative changes (name of new owner and person responsible for training if new), pending a review by the District Manager.  If there are changes in procedures or conditions at the mine then a new training plan must be submitted to MSHA for approval.


Training Plans and Certificates of Training


       How can I file a training plan electronically?


         You can develop and submit electronic versions of your Part 48 Training Plan through our home page.  ?The electronic filing system includes an introduction to the program, general requirements, step-by-step instructions and links to other helpful resources, such as federal regulations, policy issues, and training products available from the Mine Health and Safety Academy.  You can select specific teaching methods, course materials and evaluation techniques from a list of program modules for each training program.  All that's necessary to access the system is a mine or contractor identification number (ID).  A temporary number will be generated for those companies and organizations without an ID. 


         The electronic training plan system is available at http://www.msha.gov

        Can I record and certify all training received by a miner on one form?


     Yes.  In order to simplify record-keeping, all MSHA approved training programs completed within a miner's 12-month training cycle may be recorded on one Form 5000-23, provided the following procedures are used:


Each time a miner completes an MSHA approved training program, you must initial and date the form to certify that the miner has received the specified training.  Initialing and dating can be done in the space on the form adjacent to the type of training.  Also, the miner should be given an opportunity to sign or initial the form.


At the end of the 12-month training cycle, or when the miner signs item 8 of the form, a copy of the certified form listing all completed training programs must be given to the miner.


        Am I required to use a Certificate of Training Form (5000-23)?


     No.  You may find it useful to use an alternate 5000-23 Form to record your training.  Alternate forms must include at least as much information as a Form 5000-23, and should be labeled MSHA Approved Alternate Form 5000-23 (current month and year).  Proposed alternate Forms must be sent for approval to the Director of Educational Policy and Development, MSHA, 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22209-3939.


        How do I fill-out a 5000-23 Form?


     To assist you in filing out a Certificate of Training (5000-23) form we have developed an instruction.  This instruction can be found by clicking on the following:


Training Sources and Products


        Where can I get assistance on developing a training program and conducting Part 48 training?


     Through the MSHA State Grants Program, you can receive a variety of training services, often at minimal or no cost.  These grantees are willing to work with you in developing an effective training program.  The grantees will also provide quality training to fit your needs.  A list of grantees and their contacts can be found by clicking on the following:


     Through MSHAs Educational Fields Services and Small Mine Office, you can also get assistance in developing training programs.  Their phone numbers can be found by clicking on the following: MSHA - Educational Policy and Development Telephone Numbers.


     Through MSHAs National Mine Health and Safety Academy, you can find a variety of training products to help you develop a training program. By clicking on the following, you will be redirected to the Academys main page. MSHA - Directorate of Educational Policy and Development: Headquarters Arlington