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Coal Mine Safety Awareness Webcast - January 2004 Coal Webcast

"Hazards Associated with Remote Controlled
Deep Cut Continuous Mining Machines."

January 28, 2004

Remember -- "Safety is a Value!"

This material was presented at a safety webcast held by Coal Mine Safety and Health, January 28, 2004. These materials are for your use. Please download and distribute them as you see fit.

  • Webcast Powerpoint® Presentation

  • Remote Control Fatal Accident Summary

  • Remote Control CM Crushing Fatalities - Graph

  • Red Zones are No Zones...

      On July 26, 1999, a continuous miner helper was fatally injured in a machinery accident. The victim was attempting to drag the trailing cable out of the No. 3 Entry when he apparently trippedor stumbled forward against the conveyor boom of the continuous miner which was being trammedacross the intersection toward the No. 2 Entry. The continuous miner trammedover road gob causing the conveyor boom end of the machine to tilt upward against the mine roof which crushed the miner helper between the boom and the mine roof. The miner operator reported that he was not aware that the victim had fallen against the boom of the machine.

  • BEST PRACTICES: Turning a Crosscut with a Remote-Controlled CM

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Red Zones are No Zones